Raring to Go!

The holidays have disappeared quickly and here we are already in September! I have really enjoyed my holiday and value the time away from parish duties. This is not to say that I don’t want to be a priest; no it’s the opposite, I’m refreshed and ready for duty with a willing heart and mind.
September is going to be a busy month with the resumption of all the activities, for example, Open the Book, Mothers’ Union, Bible Study, Toddler group, Youth Group and other meetings, not to mention the Wednesday and Sunday services. I am often reminded that I can’t do everything myself and am grateful to others for helping with or running some of these events.
It is going to be an unusually busy autumn for baptisms; I have one nearly every Sunday right through to December! In part this is the effect of having lost Revd Barry Collins from Bengeworth. He is already missed, and until a new incumbent can be found I will continue to do what I can to help.
One last piece of news from the vicarage: we now have six little kittens! Bella (the dog) is very good with them. We will be keeping one named Benedictus, but my wife has already shortened it to Benny. They are all at the toddler stage and wobble and fall over!